From Ashes to Diamonds . . .

LifeGem is a company that offers the ability to turn the cremated remains of your loved one into diamonds.  And for many of us, a loved one includes a beloved pet!

The Chicago based company uses a four-step process: cremated remains are heated to 5,000 degrees Celsius, which reduces them to purified carbon. The carbon then goes into a diamond press, where heat and pressure are applied at the same time to create the gem. The entire process can take up to nine months.

Turning your dog to a diamond can range in price from $2,500 to $25,000.

LifeGem has also made a name for itself by turning a lock of hair from Ludwig van Beethoven into a diamond. It was auctioned for charity on eBay. The winning bid went to an international buyer who paid more than $200,000.

In our effort to memorialize our loved ones we need to make sure we’re making the most of the time we have with them while we’re alive.  Create and capture those special memories so when they are gone we have the ability to reflect on their part in our lives while we deal with the loss.  The ability to carry them with us in our hearts as well as a tangible mementos is so important.

Selected from Mother Nature Network.


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