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About Pathway Creations

Pathway Creations is a family owned company that has spent more than 100 years providing stationery products that help people chronicle and commemorate life's milestones. Our products are made in the USA heartland.

At Pathway, we know life is filled with people, places and special moments that define who we are and how we live. That information will be lost if you don't share it. Our Family Journal collection helps you collect those fragile memories so you can share them with future generations.

We're also pet lovers here at Pathway and we value our furry companions. We love their snuggles, the crazy antics and sweet kisses. That's why we launched our Pet Journal collection, to capture those special moments and memories.

We also believe every pet should have someone to love, and we'll donate a portion of our proceeds to The Humane Society so help make that happen.

Take a look at our products and start building a beautiful pathway to your memories.

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